Crossdressing, crossdressers, crossdresser, crossdress, cross-dressing... what is it?

Aug 14, 2009


Many, if not most cross dressers are presently hiding their predilection for wearing women's clothes and makeup, because they rightly fear that they will be almost immediately judged to be a either homosexual or a transvestite.

I said, "rightly fear", because recent research indicates that only around 8% of cross dressers are practicing gays.

It would seem then, that a man putting on sissy clothes, pretty lingerie and makeup, should only be viewed as a harmless hobby or pastime, but many psychiatrists still consider cross-dressing to be pathological, and they continue to categorize cross-dressers as having a perverse fetish.

Most cross dressers now give the finger sign to anybody and everybody that wants to castigate them, and whereas few now go for treatment, many join cross dresser clubs.

Aug 14, 2009
Are all of crossdressers straight?


According to recent statistics, a whopping 94% of crossdressers are straight, and are said to simply enjoy wearing women's pretty clothes, lingerie and makeup.

When asked in surveys what it is that they particularly like about women's clothes and underwear, most cross dressers answer that they particularly like silks, and satins, and some actually admitted to carrying lacy panties in their pockets, which they'd often fondle when looking at a pretty woman.

Our present society seems to have a far more repressive attitude to cross dressing than many previous ones, and the very idea of a man in sissy clothes, immediately brings forth thoughts of gay, queer and homosexual.

The act of cross dressing in itself seems a harmless one, but would you feel comfortable being judged by a judge that put that was rubbing a pair of silk panties in his pocket while judging you, or being given a check up by a doctor, that put on women's clothes and makeup in the privacy of his home?

Aug 14, 2009
Crossdressing stories

crossdressing stories

A lot of major changes took place in the 1960s and early 1970s but one large group was left without a word that could properly describe its lifestyle.

This nameless group were heterosexual males that liked to wear clothes that were traditionally worn by women, and they didn't at all like the word transvestism.

So they coined the word cross-dressers feeling that it far better described men that were mostly non-fetishistic, and simply enjoyed wearing women's clothes and makeup.

This group did, and often still does try to distance itself from gay men and transsexuals, but much of the public still refers to them as transvestites rather than cross-dressers.

The bible itself mentions the transvestist phenomenon in Deuteronomy 22:5 but the word itself was not coined until around 1910.

Jul 25, 2009


There is mounting evidence that the more frequently you crossdress, the further along the continuum you will find yourself moving.

Transvestites can roughly be split into three groups, with those in the first group not going beyond putting on a few women's clothes and maybe a little makeup in private, and getting a kick out of it.

Those in the second group, will feel the need to look like a woman and will wear women's clothes for extended periods of time, and will even go out in public and hope to be taken for a woman, but they never wish to actually become a woman.

The men in the third group fringe on trans-sexuality and will spend much of their time in women's clothes and makeup, and the only difference between these men and full blown transsexuals is that they don't want to actually become women.

Jul 22, 2009
Transsexuals and crossdressers


Psychiatrists have a very difficult time explaining why people crossdress or undergo sex changes. The urge to do so mostly appears to coincide with puberty, but many male children start putting on their mother's and sister's clothes and makeup at a much younger age.

The technical word for this phenomenon is transvestism and it's not to be confused with homosexuality since the two things are apparently unconnected. Most men that practice cross-dressing are transvestites and they appear quite normal when dressed in men's clothes, and the majority only have sex with women, and don't even dream of having their penises removed.

A transsexual is very different however, and he doesn't indentify with his body at all and he believes that nature made a mistake and that he's a woman trapped in a man's body. He'll often hate his penis and want to get rid of it and all costs, and will long for enlarged breasts.

The chances that a transvestite will later become a transsexual is highly unlikely and would be similar to somebody that's a social drinker becoming an alcoholic.

Jul 19, 2009
Men in women's clothes

Men in womens clothes

Right now the web contains hundreds of thousands of sites that feature transvestites, and there are dozens of services on offer to them, such as clubs, photos, dating and personals, all of which suggests that there must be a big demand for such sites.

The phenomenon seems to be a relatively new one, and one can only wonder if the huge amount of interest in the area is because men and perhaps even women simply go to the sites because they offer something weird, or because they get excited by them, or for both reasons.

There is also a huge amount of interest in crossdresser clothing and makeup, and the number of sites that feature sissies, and even macho looking men in women's clothes is growing by the minute.

There are hundreds of different people appearing on the sites and there is so much written on the subject, and so many doctor that make a great deal of money helping people change from one sex to the other that one has to ask why there are so many people that are now willing to go through such painful operations in order to make the change.

Were there always so many people, or is it now a media driven fad?

Jul 15, 2009
A lot of men enjoy wearing clothes that were designed for women...


The idea of members of the same sex copulating gives rise to an interesting question.

Why do they do it?

Your probable answer is that it's for fun, and because it feels great, and even why the hell not.

But anthropologists and psychiatrists have always claimed that sex is for procreation, and that the only reason that it's pleasurable is for the continuation of the species.

Well a lot of men enjoy wearing clothes that were designed for women and they put on makeup too, and then when they're done, they go out and find members of the same sex to enjoy themselves with, and they haven't got a single thought of procreation in their heads.

A recent report by a prominent female anthropologist came to conclusion that people simply have sex because they enjoy it, and states that although some couples are trying to have a child, it's hardly ever the main reason.

The report has come under multiple attacks, but I would have thought that its conclusions were obvious.

A transvestite for example, has an operation and takes hormones so that he can physically engage and enjoy other men, and it's highly doubtful that he does it in order to have children.

Jul 11, 2009
What does the word 'sissy' mean?


What does it mean if you say that someone is crossdressed?

Well he's not 'cross' meaning angry, but he's dressed.

And what does the word 'sissy' mean?

Well the dictionary says;

effeminate, lacking stereotypically masculine qualities; cowardly, timid plus coward and timid person.

So do sissies wear women's clothes?

Well a great many do and they wear women's make up, and also love to walk, to talk and to do many other things that women love to do.

Is it normal?

Well most people that wear clothes normally worn by the opposite sex are simply men or women trapped in the wrong body, and they're seeking expression.

Jul 5, 2009


Have you ever thought about why there are Good As You marches, when there is clearly nothing to be proud of?

There is nothing to be ashamed of if one is born homosexual, or feels the need to cross-dress, but it would seem bizarre if heterosexuals had marches, and proclaimed that they were proud of being straight.

The whole question of pride is interesting.

Can you be proud of being American, British or German etc.

No you can't, unless you immigrated to a country and then changed your nationality.

The fact that a person was born in a country gives them no right to be proud of the fact.

They can be proud of their country, such as Spain, Russia or France etc. and that's it.

You can't be proud of being born somewhere.

Jul 1, 2009


It's interesting perhaps to ponder whether homosexuals are born that way, or are simply a product of society. Most deviants will claim that they were born that way and have no choice, and many doctors will confirm this view.

It doesn't explain however why people are coming out of the closet at a younger and younger age, and why it now seems almost in fashion to be a sissy.

Gay marriage is now a political hot potato with states like California recently rejecting it, seemingly because of the huge Latino population that is against it, whilst other states have embraced it.

There are now many clubs that feature drag queens, and many people that shamelessly cross-dress.

Just thirty or so years ago psychiatrists would tell homosexuals how to cope with their seeming affliction, whereas today they will tell them that there is no need for treatment, and that they should enjoy their chosen lifestyle.

The question is though, whether the lifestyle is chosen or imposed.

Jun 29, 2009
Crossdresser clothing

crossdresser clothing

Have you ever wondered about drag queens?

Is it just a show, that's simply intended to make money, or are the performers women trapped in men's bodies?

Crossdresser clothing is big right now amongst sissies, and hardly a day goes by when gay marriage is not in the newspapers.

So what's the bottom line? No pun intended!

I'd say that all transsexuals are homosexuals and maybe bisexuals too.

What kind of red-blooded man would want to put on women's clothes and makeup unless he wanted to be a woman and enjoy what women enjoy?

Jun 27, 2009


Many people wonder if men that wear women's clothes or vice versa are homosexual or not, and it's an interesting question.

I work with a colleague who's happily married to a very nice woman, and they seem to have a very happy marriage.

What's a little strange however is that he appears in drag shows, and his wife doesn't seem to mind.

I 'd say that he's obviously a latent cross-dresser, and a woman that's trapped inside a man's body.

But is he homosexual?

I asked him that very question, and he although he didn't answer directly, he did say that he gets a thrill from wearing women's clothes, and that shaving his legs excites him.

So is he straight, gay, bisexual, or all of them?

It's a question that perhaps only his close male friends can answer.

Jun 20, 2009


Anyone that thinks about Brazil probably thinks of beautiful transvestites because they're so ubiquitous and so beautiful in a country that's filled to the brim, with not just coffee but beautiful women too.

Is it possible to say that that a transvestite is simply a crossdresser that had an operation?

Well it's possible to say it, but transvestites are a whole lot more than a sissy that loves putting on women's clothes, and one could equally ask if everyone that puts on clothes of the opposite sex is homosexual.

But are they?

The whole issue is somewhat shrouded in mystery, since we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors of a bedroom.

If you really want to know then transvestite dating is big right now and you could try it.

But be aware that the experience might be a painful one!